Son of Saudi military pilot searches for his father in Saudi Arabia

It often happens that families, loving couples and children are separated by the fault of different circumstances. It is especially hard for children, who in the future decide to locate their parents or a parent. In the days of our grandfathers and even fathers, searches for parents, especially for those who lived in other countries turned into an endless search for a needle in a haystack. But now, in the era of the Internet it is not so difficult, the INTERNET and social networks help us to facilitate this task.

This time we would like to tell you about the history of Dominic Espitia, from the United States. Dominic was born on August 20,1982 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since childhood, and almost throughout the adult life, he has been concerned about the question of his ethnic origin. He is 34 years old now, Dominic took a DNA test to identify his Ethnicity, the DNA test showed that 60% of his DNA was Middle Eastern/African, and the other half was a mixed of Native and Spanish (which comes from his mother’s side). After receiving test results, Dominic began to think more over who is his biological father.

Luke Air Force BaseDominic recalls that when his mother told him about his birth she often remembered about Saudi Arabian Air Force pilot who in 1981 trained at the military air base (Luke Air Force Base) in Arizona. It was at that time when his mother met the man she believed to be Dominic’s father, they met at a restaurant in the middle of November. They had met a few times before the pilot was sent back to Saudi Arabia. Dominic’s mother said that one night he made her some sort of traditional Arab meal telling her that if the baby was a boy then he would be blessed as she consumed the meal.

Dominic’s mother, tried to contact him but the note that the pilot had left at her work to reach out to her, was given to her only 4 days after his departure. This was all the information that Dominic had had before began to search for his father. Dominic’s ethnicity does not coincide with the ethnic origin of his present father.

Having the DNA test results and the memories of his mother Dominic meticulously started collecting the online information about Saudi Arabian pilots at Luke Air Force base. Soon, he found information about the «Sun Peace» program, where 6 Saudi Arabian pilots came to Arizona on August 4, 1981 to train for the F-15 fighter planes they were receiving from the United States.

Dominic believes that his biological father is one of the first 6 Saudi pilots who arrived in 1981. Dominic’s mother says that the pilot’s name was “Hahamad Asiri”, (Editor’s note: maybe she spells it a bit wrong and it may sound like Hamad Asiri or Ahmad Asiri).

We also enclose a short video that features the first six pilots trained to fly the F-15s and also Saudi Prince Mansour bin Bandar.

If there are people from Saudi Arabia among our readers, whose acquaintances, relatives or colleagues were Air Force pilots in the 1980s and trained in the United States, we are asking them to respond, you can contact Dominic directly through this mail or if you do not speak English you can write to us at this address

If you want to help a son search for his father, you can simply share the news on social networks, maybe someone who is acquainted with this person will see the news.

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