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The ‘Great Middle East’ is an information and analytical online portal, covering events and news occurring in the Middle East. Countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iran are all within the scope of interests of our resource.

Along with the regional news, readers can also get acquainted with expert views and opinions concerning the day to day activities flowing from the Middle East. We don’t pursue any political or ideological objectives; our mission is to provide clear and concise information to our target audience whom would hold an interest in this region, providing them with information reflecting a professional opinion.

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Founder, editor in Chief: Ali Hajizade — editor@thegreatmiddleeast.com

Editor russian edition:  Igor Savelyev — savelyev@thegreatmiddleeast.com

Editor english edition: Mohammed Al-Saeed – al-saeed@thegreatmiddleeast.com

Advertisement and PR: Murat Ozgur – m.ozgur@thegraetmiddleast.com

If you are not satisfied with the mainstream media covering the events in the Middle East, you can send us your alternative point of view. The article should be sent to this address: opinion@thegreatmiddleeast.com.
* The articles must be signed (the author’s name and surname, or a pseudonym, and country of residence).
* The articles  should not contain calls inciting inter-ethnic or inter-religious hatred.
* The articles  must be in Russian or in English, considering the grammatical and lexical rules of the language.
For experts:
If you are an expert and want to present your expert review, then you can contact one of the editors.
For example: al-saeed@thegreatmiddleeast.com
The rules for experts:
*An expert cannot use a pseudonym.
*An expert should be willing to provide his/her photo in order to be published.
*An expert must have at least three publications in at least two resources (magazine, newspaper, or website).